Flexi Tour

Welcome to the Abatan River Community Life Flexi Tour

Flexi Tour offers you the flexibility to explore the river within your own time limits and interests.

Talk with our information officers to help you plan your own tour.

We are happy to work with you to develop a tour for your group that fits in with your timing and availability.

From a short 2 hour “mini” experience of river villages to a full day of exploration and adventure, we are happy to tailor a tour to your group’s interests and abilities.

We can offer you a wide range of experiences such as:

  • Kayaking / Bandong BoatSave
  • Basket Weaving / Nipa Weaving
  • Delicious lunch and snacks

or simply a relaxing tour on the beautiful Abatan River!

If you are not part of a group but would like to join one contact us to discuss your availability.


Abatan River Community Life  Tour – Main Village Center, Highway-Junction, Salvador, Cortes, Bohol

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Email: abatanriver@gmail.com

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