About the Abatan River and The Community Life Tour


The Abatan River is a river in Eastern Bohol, Philippines. The river winds through the towns of Catigbian, Antequera, Balilihan, and Maribojoc to its mouth at Cortes.

At its mouth, the river opens up to an estuary, which consists of a mixed mangrove and nipa swamp. It covers about 1,000 acres (400 ha) and has 32 mangrove species growing in its estuary. It is known to be on the Philippines’ most diverse mangrove forests and is the third largest riverine mangrove forest in Bohol.

Abatan is also home to endangered plant and animal species including the mangrove species Camptostemon philippinese (locally known as Gapas-gapas) which is globally endangered and the rarest mangrove species in the Philippines.

Abatan River is also an important livelihood resource for 5 municipalities. You can usually observe people fishing or nipa weaving alongside the river.


The tour was developed with the cooperation of the Bohol Provincial Government, Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry and the municipalities of Cortes, Maribojoc, Antequera, Balilihan and Catigbian to generate much needed income for the farmers and fisherfolk who live along the river and to encourage community participation in the conservation, preservation and management of the environment and cultural heritage of the area.


Abatan River Community Life  Tour – Main Village Center, Highway-Junction, Salvador, Cortes, Bohol

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