Welcome to The Abatan River

Experience a one of a kind river cruise while chasing sunsets to chasing fireflies, experience being interrupted by snatches of community life and most of all pamper yourself with landscapes and scenery of river waters crowned with thick foliage, untouched bushes, heavy vegetation with palms, mangroves and jungle.

Only 10 minutes from Tagbilaran City is a river rich in both biodiversity and culture.

You can board a traditional Bandong boat or take a kayak and head up the Abatan River to experience a unique cultural adventure into the natural sceneries of the river.

Whether you’ve got one hour to spare or a whole day, a choice of tours offers you the flexibility to create your own cultural experience along this beautiful river environment.


Abatan River Community Life  Tour – Main Village Center, Highway-Junction, Salvador, Cortes, Bohol

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